About Me

I’m Katherine, the expat behind the instablog and blog SkinfullofSeoul.

I’m a 25 year old Brit, living in Seoul and working as an English teacher.

I came to Seoul in October 2014; a girly girl, obsessed with makeup and the latest Mac lipstick.

I’ve developed into the following:

  • a skincare addict
  • cosmetics collector
  • professional Seoul shopper (by that I mean spending my cash in Myeongdong every weekend…)
  • new ingredient hunter
  • all round K-Beauty obsessor

I’ve definitely shifted my ideas from a makeup based approach, to a skincare-based and more ‘natural look’ focus on my appearance. This stems from trends here in Seoul, and the classic Korean style I’m surrounded by on a daily basis.

I have normal/combination skin and usually experience a minor monthly breakout. My skin care aims are to maintain the bright, clear complexion I have to some extent achieved since beginning my skincare journey; reduce and soothe redness; take preventative anti-aging steps; and to even out my skin tone. 

So why K-Beauty?

K-Beauty is not necessarily better than Western skincare, but there are a number of reasons I’m dedicated to it. The most obvious being I am in Korea, and every few steps you take on any Seoul street, there is a Korean beauty store, gleaming at you enticingly. I love spending my time exploring these stores, researching trends, and finding new products.

Secondly, Korean beauty makes it very easy to pick out individual products to target specific skincare needs. I can create a flexible routine, and have had a lot of success achieving clear, bright skin. This is the philosophy of Korean skincare- not how many steps you can fit in, but tailoring a routine to your needs and wants.

Moreover, K-Beauty is fun and usually affordable. The packaging is unique, the marketing techniques are interesting, there is a constant flow of new products, and the ingredients are always evolving. It’s unique.


My mission for this blog is to share my Korean beauty discoveries, purchases, likes and dislikes, my Seoul experiences, and hopefully create an interactive space to share thoughts with you guys on all of the above. I hope you enjoy!