Dual Lifting Facial at Spa de Heritz with Eunogo

If you’ve been with me for a while, you probably know who Eunogo are- a concierge service catering to foreigners seeking beauty/surgical treatments in Korea. I’ve had previous sponsored experiences with Eunogo including Whoo Spa, and Hydrogen Toning. Earlier this week I visited Spa de Heritz with them for some facial lifting! Let’s see how I got on, y’all know by now I’m always down for a facial.

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Kintex K-Beauty Expo Recap, 2017

Ok guys, honestly this is going to be quite a brief recap. I was in a bit of a rush the day I managed to attend the expo, and was too excited running around to take all the photos I should have. I also managed to miss a bunch of stands I’d wanted to see…but anyway, here’s what I saw and experienced. We also have the Intercharm Expo in November which I’ll hopefully be able to spend more time at, and see the brands I didn’t see at Kintex.

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All in One Therapy with Banobagi Clinic & Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

I’m back with another treatment review! This was a biggie for me- it included my first ever facial laser treatments at one of the most famous clinics in Seoul- Banobagi. Korean beauty in Seoul is all about facials, treatments and innovative solutions, and Banobagi Clinic are at the forefront of that, with the most up-to-date technology and expert medical staff. So how did I like my experience?

I received this treatment as a prize from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery medical concierge group, at Seoul Blogger Brunch. All opinions are honest, as aaaalways.

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Hydrogen Toning Facial in Seoul with Eunogo (+ discount code!)

Fact: I love trying new facial treatments. And I’ve been fortunate enough to form a collaborative relationship with medical concierge group Eunogo, who have given me a number of opportunities to experience the unique beauty treatments they have on offer here in Seoul (see here and here for my other experiences with Eunogo). I actually won the treatment I’m going to be reviewing today, at the Seoul Blogger Brunch, but as per, this does not affect my review. Read on for details of my hydrogen toning experience!

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Memebox Haul: you win some, you lose some.

I love the Memebox stores here in Korea. They have a good variety of products to browse, and I love testing the Pony Effect makeup. But honestly, I rarely buy anything. I find lots of the products kinda pricey for what they are (I’m tight, but I’m saving money hard right now, so even tighter than usual!), there’s stuff I like but rarely things I just HAVE to purchase, and my experiences thus far with their products been fairly hit and miss. And the little haul I did this time was exactly the same…

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Glow Time: VIP Treatment at Whoo Spa, Seoul with Eunogo

When I saw the phrase “Whoo Spa” I didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of the email. YES PLEASE EUNOGO.

Eunogo are a medical concierge company based out of Korea and Singapore. I’ve worked with them in the past, so when they got back in touch offering me another treatment to write about, I was definitely keen. They provide a fantastic beauty service to foreigners in Korea, and, like I said, who could say no to Whoo Spa?! Let’s get into my experience and tell you a little more…settle down, this is quite a long one!

(This service was provided courtesy Eunogo, in return for honest reviews)

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A Hair Cut at A. By Bom Salon, Cheongdam

Am I a beauty blogger? Yes. Do I take meticulous care with my skincare routine to ensure as perfect skin as possible? Yes. Do I do anything with my hair? NO.

No. No I don’t…I’m embarrassed to admit but I really, truly do nothing to my hair, and it had been about a year since my last hair cut. I literally just shampoo, condition, and use a curling mousse, every couple of days. That’s it. I invest nothing, and I think most of the time, being curly and carefree, my hair usually looks kinda ok-ish.

BUT, after visiting the A. By Bom salon, my approach has kinda dramatically changed, and now I know why I need to get to the salon more often…here’s the deets of my experience!

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Spring Makeup Picks/ Cherry Blossom Junkie Pics

In case you hadn’t noticed on my Instagram, I’m a pretty big fan of obsessed with spring in Korea. I run around Seoul, unable to stop taking photos of every kind of flower and blossom in sight, often getting bizarre looks from older Koreans as I’m all up on their doorsteps photographing the pretty flowers outside their homes (shoutout to @adoredee ). I bombard all my social media channels with said photos and I can’t stop. My cosmetic choices also change. I go from the black hearted queen of dark nails and deep red or purple lip colours, to pastels and flowers and butterflies and princesses and clouds.

So here are my spring makeup and skincare choices, chosen because they make me feel happy, work well with my skin tone/type, and the colours suit my mood during this time of year. And I’ve also tried to include all the cherry blossom feels from here in Korea, so you can share and revel in the beauty (and it gave me a valid reason to take more photos).

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Review: Jung Saem Mool Essential Star-cealer Foundation

Jung Saem Mool is a Korean makeup artist legend. Period. So when I saw she had her own cosmetics company? My expectations were HIGH. Along with many of her products (ahem, all), I was desperate to try out the Essential Star-cealer Foundation (Allure Editor’s Pick), particularly after reading: Jung Saem Mool’s “special blending know how is contained in this radiant-lasting foundation”. 

GIMME ALL THE RADIANCE, was my first thought.

When the foundation arrived in the post, I ripped straight into it, ready to get on Jung Saem Mool’s radiance train. She has, after all, been leading the way of the glowing, transparent skin crew in Korea for over two decades. After a month of continual use, I’m ready to review her Essential Star-cealer Foundation.

(This product was provided courtesy JSM Beauty. See my disclaimer for my policies).

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