Memebox Haul: you win some, you lose some.

I love the Memebox stores here in Korea. They have a good variety of products to browse, and I love testing the Pony Effect makeup. But honestly, I rarely buy anything. I find lots of the products kinda pricey for what they are (I’m tight, but I’m saving money hard right now, so even tighter than usual!), there’s stuff I like but rarely things I just HAVE to purchase, and my experiences thus far with their products been fairly hit and miss. And the little haul I did this time was exactly the same…

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Glow Time: VIP Treatment at Whoo Spa, Seoul with Eunogo

When I saw the phrase “Whoo Spa” I didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of the email. YES PLEASE EUNOGO.

Eunogo are a medical concierge company based out of Korea and Singapore. I’ve worked with them in the past, so when they got back in touch offering me another treatment to write about, I was definitely keen. They provide a fantastic beauty service to foreigners in Korea, and, like I said, who could say no to Whoo Spa?! Let’s get into my experience and tell you a little more…settle down, this is quite a long one!

(This service was provided courtesy Eunogo, in return for honest reviews)

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A Hair Cut at A. By Bom Salon, Cheongdam

Am I a beauty blogger? Yes. Do I take meticulous care with my skincare routine to ensure as perfect skin as possible? Yes. Do I do anything with my hair? NO.

No. No I don’t…I’m embarrassed to admit but I really, truly do nothing to my hair, and it had been about a year since my last hair cut. I literally just shampoo, condition, and use a curling mousse, every couple of days. That’s it. I invest nothing, and I think most of the time, being curly and carefree, my hair usually looks kinda ok-ish.

BUT, after visiting the A. By Bom salon, my approach has kinda dramatically changed, and now I know why I need to get to the salon more often…here’s the deets of my experience!

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Review: Jung Saem Mool Essential Star-cealer Foundation

Jung Saem Mool is a Korean makeup artist legend. Period. So when I saw she had her own cosmetics company? My expectations were HIGH. Along with many of her products (ahem, all), I was desperate to try out the Essential Star-cealer Foundation (Allure Editor’s Pick), particularly after reading: Jung Saem Mool’s “special blending know how is contained in this radiant-lasting foundation”. 

GIMME ALL THE RADIANCE, was my first thought.

When the foundation arrived in the post, I ripped straight into it, ready to get on Jung Saem Mool’s radiance train. She has, after all, been leading the way of the glowing, transparent skin crew in Korea for over two decades. After a month of continual use, I’m ready to review her Essential Star-cealer Foundation.

(This product was provided courtesy JSM Beauty. See my disclaimer for my policies).

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Exclusive Interview with Korean Skincare Expert: Joo-Eun Kim of Shangpree Spa

Shangpree Spa is a world renowned spa in Seoul, frequented by celebrities and offering the latest and most innovative skincare treatments to achieve that chok chok glow that Korea is infamous for. If you read my review of their facial, you’ll know the kinda heavenly glow I’m talking about. I’ve never looked as radiant as the night I left Shangpree Cheongdam.

But I digress…a few weeks ago I was back at Shangpree, this time to get the professional scoop on Korean skincare from Ms Joo-Eun Kim, Shangpree Spa director and industry expert, and share her tips and news with you beautiful readers! 

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Getting That Glow: Facial at Grace Clinic Seoul with Eunogo

If you know anything about Seoul. you know it’s the city of skincare and surgery. Where every bus is plastered with beauty advertisements, and getting a nose job is virtually the same as getting an eyebrow wax, South Korea’s capital is overrun with surgeries and clinics offering every procedure you could possibly imagine, all in the name of beauty. 

Whilst I’m not opposed to surgery, it’s not for me right now. So when Eunogo, an award winning concierge company for medical beauty trips to Seoul, suggested a surgical procedure for me to try and review, I turned it down. However after learning more about their company, I felt they were providing a fantastic service for foreigners, and we decided I would instead write about the skin detox facial they also offer. So here I am, post facial, and ready to review!

(This experience was provided courtesy of Eunogo. This does not affect my review- see my disclaimer tab for more information on my policies).

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SkinRx Lab MadeCera Review: Essence Toner, Cream and Sheet Mask

How to get rid of dry, flaky skin? Layers. If there’s anything I’ve learned from K-Beauty, it’s about layering products in order to maintain a hydrated, dewy look throughout the day, even during these dark, cold months. And I think I’ve found some of the best winter layers that I’ve tried in a while!

You might have been blinded by the pink filling my instagram over recent months…SkinRx Lab have a lot to do with that. Back in November they sent me a big box full of their MadeCera products (PR samples, see my disclaimer for policies), and now that I’ve tested everything thoroughly, I can share my thoughts!

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My Top 10 Beauty Bargains at Daiso

Daiso. If you don’t know what Daiso is, you haven’t lived my friend. Daiso is the Japanese version of the dollar store or poundland- only a million times better. The stores are situated in many countries all over the world (why not the UK yet? I hear you, and I don’t know why, sob), but after Japan, Korea has the highest number of shops. You can literally discover ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING in these stores; one of my most recent useful purchases is a mini toilet brush that curves at the neck to get right into, and clean, the area under the rim of the bowl where the water comes out…yeah they think of all your needs, ever. But the best bit for me? Their beauty section. Here are my top beauty purchases from Daiso- mostly in Korea, but a couple from Japan too, and all of them are under 5000 won (roughly $5/£3.50).

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Review: Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick

Call me basic, but I love wine and I love lipstick. So a wine lipstick? Yeah, count me in.

Who the hell are Labiotte?!

I’d never heard about Labiotte until they became famous for these cute little vino products. Turns out they’re actually little sister company of Tony Moly, with a more sophisticated and slightly more expensive vibe. If you want more information on the Labiotte brand story you can check it out here. But to keep it brief, their mission is to combine dermatological research, ‘powerful energy of pure nature’, and the pursuit of healthy skin and beauty to create their products. I also like that (if their actions actually do match their words) they follow eco friendly policies and support environmental campaigns.

Onto what you came for, the lipstick…

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