Couple Video! Testing out the Skin1004 Zombie Pack with Mikey…

Hi guys! So a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to make a video, testing out one of my new favourite masks, the Skin1004 Zombie Pack. This video was sponsored by B2 Link, however all views are our own, honest opinions, and I actually love this mask! I’ve used it a number of times and have been equally impressed on each occasion.

The company wanted my boyfriend, Mikey, and I to test it, and it was so fun filming this with a complete beauty no-goer. Mikey knows NOTHING about cosmetics or skincare, but he’s always up for a laugh, and it was hilarious to do this together. Hope you enjoy! I’ve included a little run down of my thoughts on the mask beneath the video too! The link to purchase is at the bottom (not an affiliate link- I do not receive anything from you clicking it).

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K-Beauty Dos and Don’ts for Beginners

K-Beauty beginner? Overwhelmed?

Feel as if you’re free-falling in a world of magical lotions, snail slime and kitty ear headbands?

You’re in the right place. Being a K-Beauty beginner is all fun and games until you’ve spent all your cash on all of the stuff, which doesn’t seem to working, and now you’re left wondering what all the fuss was about that ‘must have’ cream that came in a pink-princess-castle-shaped container. 

So here are some dos and don’ts, to try and ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes I, and many along with me, have made when first getting started in the wonderful world of Korean cosmetics.

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My Updated Korean Skincare Routine and Notes for Beginners

I decided it was time to do an updated post about my Korean style skincare routine! (If you’re interested here are the links to my March 2016 morning routine and night time routine posts..some things have changed, some haven’t! I also discuss a little more on the ideas behind a Korean skincare routine in that morning routine post).

In this post, I’ve laid out all of my steps (EDIT: “products I’m currently using” are outdated; my most current routine is available and kept up-to-date on this page), day and night, and I’ve added some little explanations of each step for those of you who might be new to K-Beauty. I don’t use all of these products all the time. I approach my skincare on a daily basis according to my skins needs (and time restraints), so some days I may use 10 products, and on other days only 3. The most important thing about beginning a skincare routine is knowing your aims, and choosing products to suit those aims. With my skin type (normal-combination, with redness and heat) I’m looking for hydration without heaviness, brightening, calming and evening skintone. Others look for acne solutions, or intense moisturizing. The aims can differ slightly day to day, and I adjust my routine to suit my daily needs. Having a flexible routine to address your needs is what k-skincare philosophy is all about.

Also, remember I’m a skincare blogger and I have waaay more products than the average person honestly needs! This isn’t my whole stash, only the stuff I’m regularly reaching for right now. So let’s get stuck in ‘cos this isn’t gonna be short…

*Some of the products mentioned in this post were provided by individuals or companies for my consideration to review. These will be individually disclosed in the text.

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K-Beauty Event Report: After 6pm All About K-Beauty

On September 3rd I attended a new beauty event called After 6pm: All About K-Beauty. The organisers are trying to bring together those interested in Korean beauty, in Seoul, with monthly events. I attended their 3rd event at Mary’s April in Gangnam, and wanted to briefly let you know how it was! (Disclosure: I was provided a free ticket, but this in no way affects my review. All opinions expressed here are my own).

The location was beautiful. It was about a 10 minute walk from Gangnam station, and was in a function room. It was well organised with the ticket desk right inside the door, then a snacks and beverages table in the centre of the room, with the lights and tutorial area set up against the back wall. The vibe was relaxed, and I really liked the lighting.


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A (Very) Casual Nighttime Skincare Routine

I haaaate my voice. I’m originally from North of newcastle in England, and yet my accent is a very bizarre mix of some northern language, general Southern english, Bristolian, and Mancunian (thanks to my uni housemates). After over a year of teaching American English here in Korea, I have now managed to throw a big dollop of American twang in to the mix. So yeah, I don’t like making videos for this reason. HOWEVER, I do see that videos have a place in beauty blogging, and so on a random weeknight, sat in my gross green pyjama polo top, with my bathroom door open so you guys get a lovely view of my toilet (whoops), I decided to film my night time routine for that evening!

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Korean Skincare and My Morning Routine

This may not be the most exciting post, but it’s definitely something I want to share to introduce you to my skin and the kind of routine I have/my products. The weather here in Seoul has changed again and I’m not craving the heavy moisture I was just a few weeks ago during the dry wintery period. It amazes me how quick the weather changes here compared to home. But you guys aren’t reading this to hear about the weather ha…

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