Disclaimer and Policies

Ok, here’s the fuuuulllll deal.

Do not consider anything you read on SkinfullofSeoul (or my instagram and twitter) as a substitute for professional advice. My skin isn’t the same as yours, and what works for me may not work for you. I’m not an expert or a professional and cannot give professional advice on anything I write about. I can only share with you my experiences. All information is provided to the best of my knowledge, and is only intended for informational/entertainment purposes.

Sponsorship Policy

I am not paid, and will not accept money, for any of my posts on this website (www.skinfullofseoul.com), and unless stated, I have bought all products with own money. I will always highlight at the beginning of the post if this is not the case, as well as if I will benefit in any way from the post. I will always be transparent.

I have and do regularly accept products from brands or companies (which as stated above will clearly be marked on reviews). If I do decide to post about press samples, all posts are written by me with my own, 100% honest opinions, not those of any company, group, affiliate or advertiser. This is true across all of my social media platforms including instagram and Twitter, and is agreed upon with any company before I receive their products. I will never promise favorable reviews in return for products or other forms of compensation. No one has any control over any of my beauty posts (on this website, Instagram or twitter) apart from myself.

I choose press samples based on: my feelings about the brand itself (would I buy from them, am I comfortable with their communication, are they trustworthy etc), whether I am interested in their products and if they fit into my testing schedule, are their products relevant to my content and followers interests, and finally whether they will agree to my collaboration policy as outlined above.

EDIT 11/2/17: I’ve started using the terms “courtesy of” or “gifted”. “Courtesy of” means the brand reached out to me and we came to an agreement, in accordance with my policies, that I would review an agreed product on one of my agreed platforms. (Whilst I don’t think it’s a bad thing for bloggers to do the reaching out, it’s something I’ve personally only done about 3 times). “Gifted” means as it sounds- the brands sent the products to me without any kind of queries about reviews, as a “gift”.

Companies, or individuals from companies, that I have collaborated with/accepted products from/been gifted by, either in the past or currently, include (in no particular order):

COSRX • Glow Recipe • SkinID • Half Moon Eyes • Lumifetch • A by Bom • Jung Saem Mool Beauty • Thank You Farmer • B2 Link • Maskhouse • Skin Factory • Tiam • Beautibi • Swanicoco • I’m Sorry For My Skin • Berrisom • G9 Skin • Belif (via the Economic Review journal I wrote for) • Nuxe • Shangpree Spa • SkinRx Lab • 107 • Joah Box • Purpletale • Yvesom • Ulzzang UK • Olivarrier • Tov • Tan May • PACK-age • Clabiane • Laonjenna • Piibu • Mask Raider • Chanb • Alive Lab • Eunogo • Nerium International • EOpenMarket •  Style Korean •  LeeGeeHam •  Wishtrend •  Klairs •  Eleven Huesday •  Troiareuke •  Dewytree •  Bano

Testing Period

I take testing seriously so that readers can understand how my opinions have formed, and be confident in the validity of my thoughts. With a new product, I will test the product in isolation (no other changes to my routine) for the most part, depending on the purpose of the product. For cleansers, I test for one week. For essences or active products I test for two or three weeks depending on the results I am looking for. For all other skincare products I test for two weeks. For masks or one-time treatments I do mini reviews after a single use.

Content Use

All content is mine unless otherwise stated.

You can share anything on this blog/my twitter/my instagram non-commercially, as long as there is always a link back to the original page, and it is not edited, added to, or changed in any way.


Updated: 10th February, 2017