Disclaimer and Policies

Ok, here’s the fuuuulllll deal.

Do not consider anything you read on SkinfullofSeoul (or my instagram and twitter) as a substitute for professional advice. My skin isn’t the same as yours, and what works for me may not work for you. I’m not an expert or a professional and cannot give professional advice on anything I write about. I can only share with you my experiences. All information is provided to the best of my knowledge, and is only intended for informational/entertainment purposes.

PR Samples & Gifts

I am frequently gifted product samples from brands or companies (which will clearly be marked on reviews). If I do decide to write about samples, all posts are written by me with my own, 100% honest opinions, not those of any company, group, affiliate or advertiser. This is true across all of my social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. I will never promise favorable reviews in return for products or other forms of compensation.

Sponsored Posts

SkinfullofSeoul is a hobby for me, and something I do out of passion. I have only written one “sponsored post” on skinfullofseoul.com, and going forward have decided that is not the path for me.  A “sponsored post” is one where financial compensation is provided. The writing in mine was no different in transparency/honesty compared to my regular posts, and this honesty policy was agreed upon with the company before I received products and produced posts. 

Testing Period

I take testing seriously so that readers can understand how my opinions have formed, and be confident in the validity of my thoughts. With a new product, I will test the product in isolation (no other changes to my routine) for the most part, depending on the purpose of the product. For cleansers, I test for one week. For essences/toners/serums or active products I test for two or three weeks depending on the results I am looking for. For all other skincare products I test for two weeks. For masks or one-time treatments I do mini reviews after a single use.

Content Use

All content is mine unless otherwise stated.

You can share anything on this blog/my twitter/my instagram non-commercially, as long as there is always a link back to the original page, and it is not edited, added to, or changed in any way.

Updated: 15th May, 2018