Dual Lifting Facial at Spa de Heritz with Eunogo

If you’ve been with me for a while, you probably know who Eunogo are- a concierge service catering to foreigners seeking beauty/surgical treatments in Korea. I’ve had previous sponsored experiences with Eunogo including Whoo Spa, and Hydrogen Toning. Earlier this week I visited Spa de Heritz with them for some facial lifting! Let’s see how I got on, y’all know by now I’m always down for a facial.


As I said, Eunogo are a concierge group based in Korea and Singapore, who offer assistance and advice to foreigners looking for treatments. It can be difficult as a non-Korean to both find treatments you want, and also to then reserve and organize. Eunogo take care of all of that, and for certain treatments also provide translations. 

Spa de Heritz

The spa is located inside Foreheal Hotel, close to Nonhyeon station, and about a 10 minute walk from Sinsa. It was very easy to find, and upon stepping in the door, clearly a high end establishment.

The spa area, behind the hotel reception, was spacious, immaculate, and beautifully presented.

The room where I received the treatment itself was probably my favourite space I’ve received a facial in in Seoul. Most of the rooms I’ve been in have been very small and low ceiling, or more clinic style. This was extremely spacious, with a high ceiling, dimmed lighting, and relaxing music. It was as I expect a classic spa, and this often isn’t always the way in Korea, particularly if it’s more of a specific treatment than a relaxing facial experience.


When I arrived, Claire and Hyemi from Eunogo were there to greet me. They’re always so friendly and helped me get organized. I was provided a welcome cup of tea, and my esthetician went through a consultation with me, discussing my skin type and providing information about the Dual Lifting Treatment I’d be receiving. I appreciated having Hyemi there to fully explain everything in English. With Eunogo my reservations have always been taken good care of, and whilst I did once have a negative experience with a translator turning up very late, it’s generally always been seamless. Of course I can only speak from my experiences with them, but I really appreciate not having to take care of all of that myself.

The price of this treatment is 154,000 Korean won, or around $150/ 100GBP if you walk in yourself, but through Eunogo is $140. The treatment lasts 90-100 minutes.

Products Used

The spa use Themae. As Eunogo describe:

“Themae reflects the beneficial virtues of tea influence on the body and mind as well as inner beauty. The COMPLEXE DES 4 THÉS® (4 Teas Elixir) is an exclusive active ingredient found in their products, obtained from the right amounts of green tea, black tea, white tea, and blue tea (known as oolong), whose synergy produces exceptional antioxidant effects.”

Dual Lifting Facial

The purpose of this massage is to lift the muscle. Therefore it includes the use of two different tools, and lots of facial massage.

We started with makeup removal, and this sounds kinda weird but I really love having my makeup removed by other people? I find it so relaxing, particularly when facial oil is massaged in to remove base makeup. My esthetician really took her time and gently removed everything.

Next we followed with some toning, and a brush on mask. The mask felt creamy and cool, and while that was left, I received a fantastic decolletage and neck oil massage. It was so good and thoroughly relaxing. The pressure was perfect for me, but she did make sure to check it was okay.

I didn’t actually realize the cream must have had small particles in it, because when the esthetician went to remove it, it was actually exfoliating. It was mildly scratchy but the particles were very fine, and it wasn’t unpleasant. I was pleased this followed with numerous hydrating toner type products.

This was when we moved onto the first tool! It was a small roller with kind of non-sharp spikes all over. It felt like very mild prickling over my skin, but wasn’t in the slightest bit painful or even uncomfortable. It was actually quite relaxing. It was supposed to stimulate the cells ready for the lifting massage.

My best angle, isn’t it?

Oil was then applied to my face, and we began the only slightly painful section- the lifting!

The lady began working on my neck, and it felt like she was squeezing the tendons. I’ve never had a neck massage like this, and it was quite uncomfortable. It did only last a few minutes on each side though, and it certainly wasn’t unbearable.

She worked up to my jaw, my cheeks, and my brows, always working and kneading the skin in upwards motions. The rest of the face was mildly uncomfortable at times, but it was also a fantastic stress relief. I have a lot of facial tension, and it felt like she was working it out. 

My face felt, naturally, quite hot and was red after all of the massaging. The esthetician then gently massaged in an oil, and we moved onto the second tool.

This felt wonderful-it was so cooling.

We went onto further skincare (she continually patted skincare into my eye area and lip balm throughout the facial btw, which I really liked!). After brushing on another mask, we went to the classic step in every Korean facial I’ve ever had- the modelling mask. As my face was still quite warm, the cooling modelling mask felt so good as she applied it. I liked that she also applied it down my neck.

She left me in the room for about 15 minutes and I think I fell asleep briefly..! The bed was heated and being in an isolated dark room, with relaxing music, I apparently couldn’t help myself.

When she returned and peeled off the mask, she did another full skincare routine to finish. As I sat up she patted out my back before leaving me to change.


Well firstly, my face and body felt so relaxed and free of tension. Like I said, my shoulders, neck and facial muscles are where I hold my stress. Having a treatment that targets those areas with massage is great for me, and something I’d happily pay the price for. The massage level was perfect, and the massaging was fairly continuous throughout the treatment.

In terms of how my face looked, you can see below it was fresh and glowy afterwards. I was surprised it recovered so well from the lifting massage. It also felt incredibly soft and hydrated, without greasiness or any heavy feeling. 

I was very pleased with the state of my skin, and the glow lasted through the next couple of days.

With the lifting, I couldn’t see too much difference if I’m completely honest. To be fair, at 26 years old I’d hope I wouldn’t need too much! I did study my face quite intensely afterwards, and felt like I could see a very small difference around my cheeks. I do think that continual massage like that I received would work preventatively, and it’s something I want to try and continue to maintain at home. I’d be very curious to see how the lifting worked on a more mature face which perhaps would benefit more from the lifting section of this facial.

I would 100% pay to have this treatment again. It was about a 90 minute treatment and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do think it falls more into self care, and relaxation/pampering, than long term difference treatment (as perhaps dermashine or more intensive treatments would create longer term facial changes). But for me I really appreciate these types of facials, and my skin really did feel lovely, as well as the de-stressing factor of the massage. But it really depends what you’re looking for!

Does this facial sound appealing to you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. HI,

    Can you tell me the names of any of these tools and if/ where
    they may be purchased. I’m also interested in purchasing the COMPLEXE DES 4 THÉS products. Can you help me with this?

    The blunt roller also interested me – but any of the tools are of interest.


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