Writing & Consultancy

As well as this blog and my Instagram, I also write, create content, and advise about Korean beauty for both domestic and international beauty companies.

Glow Recipe Blog Contributer

Featured writer on Glow Recipe, New York based K-Beauty destination site.

SKINiD Contributer

Newsletter writer and Instagram content creator for Sweden based K-Beauty online store.

Panelist at The Mystique of Luxury Brands Seoul Conference 2017, hosted by Curtin University

Featured speaker on the Lifestyle and Culture panel, discussing millennial culture and how luxury branding must evolve for the new generation.

2016 Consultation for Nuxe Trends Manager 

Providing market and trends advice for the Nuxe Korean sector.

YouTube Features

Laonjenna K-beauty shop- educating viewers about products

B2 Link- testing Skin1004 Zombie Pack

G9 Skin x Shinbia Make Up Artist- face model

Magazine Interviews

Interviewed by international publications ASOS magazine, ATK magazine, and Beauty East journal as well as domestic newspaper Inha Times.

2015-2016 Korean Economic Review Beauty Columnist

Monthly beauty columnist- written in English by me, and then translated to Korean for readers.