Korean Skincare and My Morning Routine

This may not be the most exciting post, but it’s definitely something I want to share to introduce you to my skin and the kind of routine I have/my products. The weather here in Seoul has changed again and I’m not craving the heavy moisture I was just a few weeks ago during the dry wintery period. It amazes me how quick the weather changes here compared to home. But you guys aren’t reading this to hear about the weather ha…

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I’m here!

Ok! I made it this far with getting a domain name, a host, setting up, coding, and all the other words that make no sense to me. Onto what I came here to do- beauty.

So I thought it would be a good idea just to give you some background about me, my skin, this blog, and basically introduce SkinfullofSeoul.

As you can see in my About Me section, I came to Seoul  from near Newcastle, England, in October 2014 to teach English. I quickly fell in love with the city and have ended up staying here much longer than I ever intended or imagined. A large part of my love for Seoul, although I’m slightly ashamed to admit it (I promise I adore the culture and many other aspects too!), is the shopping. More specifically, cosmetics shopping. I am sure any reader who has visited Seoul will agree with me that it truly is heavenly!

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