Review: Heroine Long and Curl Mascara

When I was in Japan back in February, I did a criminal amount of shopping. Something I was desperate to pick up was Japanese mascara. I’ve always read such great things about Heroine, and was keen to see if it was all hype, or actually a great brand. I went for the Long and Curl Super Waterproof Black Mascara in the end.

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Belif – Numero 10 Essence Review

I really really wanted to write this post with an excited review of how I fell in love with the first Belif product I tried. Buuuut I’m not sure I can. Let’s see.

imagePurpose: Hydration station. This essence is purely to increase skin moisture levels  and prevent moisture loss after cleansing and washing.

Who’s it for? All skin types.

How to use: Belif states that you should apply 2-3 pumps to a moist face within 10 seconds of washing (gonna be honest, although I tried for within 10 seconds, sometimes it may have been up to a minute  😉 )

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Seoul Selections- June 12th

I’m a little late with last weeks Seoul Selections. When I originally drafted this, I was feeling exhausted after a stressful week at work, a slight stomach bug, and very little sleep. After the tragedy of Orlando, my minor troubles have really been put into perspective. I feel so deeply saddened by the events in Florida, and I’m praying for the victims and also the community as we come together to support LGBTQ. I attended Seoul Pride this past Saturday, and instead of feeling deflated at the hatred/ignorance of the counter marchers, I felt truly inspired by the love and happiness of all the Pride supporters, and the sense of togetherness. I just hope that every person in the LGBTQ community knows that for all the hate and ignorance, there are SO many people worldwide in support of equality and happiness for all. I’m thinking of the Orlando victims and their families, and for all of those affected by this terrorist act.


It was amazing to see so many Koreans and expats from all over the world come together in central Seoul to support equality for everyone.
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A (Very) Casual Nighttime Skincare Routine

I haaaate my voice. I’m originally from North of newcastle in England, and yet my accent is a very bizarre mix of some northern language, general Southern english, Bristolian, and Mancunian (thanks to my uni housemates). After over a year of teaching American English here in Korea, I have now managed to throw a big dollop of American twang in to the mix. So yeah, I don’t like making videos for this reason. HOWEVER, I do see that videos have a place in beauty blogging, and so on a random weeknight, sat in my gross green pyjama polo top, with my bathroom door open so you guys get a lovely view of my toilet (whoops), I decided to film my night time routine for that evening!

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Missha Line Friends Tension Blusher

Missha’s Line Friends Collaboration seems to have been hugely successful, and I can certainly see why. The simple cuteness of the packaging, plus quality makeup at a reasonable price, makes the line irresistible. I’m really trying to focus my shopping on quality products…not just for the packaging or marketing, which I have definitely been guilty of in the past. With this collaboration, I went for the Magic Cover Cushion and the Tension Blusher. Whilst I’ve really enjoyed both, the blusher has become an absolute staple for me and I think it’s a great piece of makeup. So here’s the rundown on what has become a favourite of mine.

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Review- Femmue Global Cera Smart Cream

Femmue is a brand I have frequently featured on my Instagram page since I first tried out some of their products back in November. I have received numerous comments asking for more information about them. They are a relatively new K-Beauty company, and are not very well know yet, particularly overseas but also here in Korea. Today I’m going to review their Global Cera Smart Cream, which is a moisturiser I have been using consistently for six months, and one I feel really benefits my skin.

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