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If you follow my Instagram, I’m sure you think I’m being paid or bribed by Berrisom right now- not the case haha. I keep mentioning their products A LOT. Let me explain…Brenda from Berrisom reached out to me, offering to send me some ‘samples’, with no pressure to review. I liked her friendly, laid back vibe and lack of pushiness so I agreed. They sent me the BIGGEST box of full size products, and after trying their products, I’ve really fallen in love with a number of their pieces of makeup (products provided free of charge, but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own). The product that really interested me and grabbed my attention were the My Lip Tint Packs. I’d seen these before, and once I tried them, I realised why I’d read so many great reviews! 

(Just a note- I really hate how poor my photos are and I apologise. I’m currently using my iPhone 5 and I’m hopefully upgrading to a proper camera next month. Better photos are on the way for SkinfullofSeoul, I promise!)

What is My Lip Tint Pack?

The tints are tattoo-type lip products. You apply the product to your lips, let it dry, then peel it off to reveal tinted lips that are long lasting. The tints come in various colours- I tested Glam Orchid, Bubble Pink, Virgin Red, and Sexy Red.

I usually don’t like stain products, as I struggle with dry lips and find that they usually highlight the dry patches. I was keen to see how these tints worked out.


Because it has to stain the lips, the tint is a thick, pigmented, sticky, gel-like product. It’s not necessarily pleasant nor easy to work with- but remember you’re peeling it off!




The application of these products is also not easy nor quick. It’s actually kind of difficult. You squeeze out the tint and spread it over your lips. I try to spread it fairly thickly and evenly, because it seems to peel off more easily this way. Because of the shape of the dispenser, and the thickness, its not very easy to apply accurately and in line with your lip line. It also starts to dry quickly so you have to work fast. This really freaked me out at first, because I thought I’d be left with really badly applied stain.


Howeverrrrrrr, to my surprise, I found that immediately after peeling off, you can use a lip balm to blend the colour evenly and and accurately on your lips. This seemed to work better with the pink tones, but it is a definite plus for application! It means that even if you struggle to apply this tint, you can fix it after peeling. I have now been creating a slight gradient lip with this product by focusing on the centre of my lips, then blending out after peeling.

image image

Look how bad my application is…!



After peeling (which can be a little messy but eventually all comes off) you’re left with a lovely colour (for all four I

Sexy Red for evening

tried). As I said earlier, I tend to avoid tints with my dry lips, but these really didn’t stick to dry patches, and gave me a fairly even cover. The virgin red was the colour I struggled with most. Out of all of them, it was the colour that was most difficult both to blend, and tended to stick a liiiittle more to the drier parts of the lips. But it was still very wearable. I really love the colour results, and after applying some lip balm the finish is lovely. In terms of lasting power, the tints are fantastic. Despite taking a little more time to apply in the morning, the colour lasts all day very easily. It’s a great option for a lasting lip colour because I don’t have to think about reapplication all day, and when I wore the Sexy Red for the evening, I didn’t have to worry about smudging the colour when I was drinking and eating.

Another huge plus for me is that it’s not an absolute nightmare to remove. I received a lip tint cleanser with the set, but I haven’t even had to use it yet. If I only apply the tints once in the morning, at nighttime it comes off with some massaging and my oil cleanser. To me that’s great- I hate stains that are difficult to remove.

Which colour?

For daytime I am currently obsessed with Glam Orchid. It has a slight purple tint, but it’s subtle enough for work. The pink is also great, a little more vibrant but still very wearable.

For night time the Sexy Red is gorgeous. It has dark red and  burgundy tones and is a deep, rich colour. I wish I could wear the Virgin Red, but with my skin tone I just can’t pull it off too well. If you’re a red wearer, I imagine you’d love this. It’s bright and beautiful!

From top left clockwise: Virgin Red, Sexy Red, Glam Orchid, Bubble Pink

Where can I buy these and what’s the price?

If you go on the Berrisom website, you can currently buy these separately for an incredible $5.89! It says they are marked down from $18, which I would still willingly pay for such a fantastic product. On Wishtrend, I saw the tints are currently $7.99, still a great price. As these are a popular product, they are available on numerous sites including Memebox, GMarket, Amazon and Ebay- not difficult to find!

So yes, final thoughts, I love these!

What do you think of lip tattoo products? Are you a fan?

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  1. I love these but i hate the Taste 😀 First time i tried it was directly after purchasing. I’ve put in on in a cafe and wasn’t able to friend couldn’t stop laughing 😀 It was so embarrassing and everyone was looking at me. Peeling it off was a bit difficult because I’ve put too much product 😀 But now i know how to use it and will never ever use it in public again 😀

    1. Haha that’s never happened to me, but I’ll be sure to avoid getting it in my mouth!! That’s so funny, I agree it’s definitely not a product to apply in public, I look scary when I first put it on haha!

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