Seoul Selections- June 12th

I’m a little late with last weeks Seoul Selections. When I originally drafted this, I was feeling exhausted after a stressful week at work, a slight stomach bug, and very little sleep. After the tragedy of Orlando, my minor troubles have really been put into perspective. I feel so deeply saddened by the events in Florida, and I’m praying for the victims and also the community as we come together to support LGBTQ. I attended Seoul Pride this past Saturday, and instead of feeling deflated at the hatred/ignorance of the counter marchers, I felt truly inspired by the love and happiness of all the Pride supporters, and the sense of togetherness. I just hope that every person in the LGBTQ community knows that for all the hate and ignorance, there are SO many people worldwide in support of equality and happiness for all. I’m thinking of the Orlando victims and their families, and for all of those affected by this terrorist act.


It was amazing to see so many Koreans and expats from all over the world come together in central Seoul to support equality for everyone.

As I said, I had a tiring week, and so my aims were to maintain a healthy glow, and be ready to get my rainbow glitter on to celebrate Seoul Pride. Here are my top 5 products:

1. Sheet masks. I have definitely been neglecting my sheet masking over recent months. I used to be an (almost) every nighter, but now it’s between 1-3 a week maximum. This week I’ve done about five, and I can definitely see the rejuvenation effects in my skin. They’ve helped me maintain a glowing complexion despite the serious sleep problems I’ve been having, and if I store them in the fridge, they’re a great way to help wake my face up in the morning! Favourite: 3CE Nourishing Facial Mask.The fit was amazing; the essence lasted about 35 minutes; and it was incredibly moisturising. Despite the fact that they’re slightly more expensive (3000 Won) a piece, I know I’ll be grabbing more. 


2. Bright fuschia lips were my love this week (actually are every week tbh). Models Own in Plum LS002 and History of Whoo in No.51 have incredible pigmentation, feel amazingly moisturising and last well.

Packaging p0rn right there… History of Whoo yassss


3. Nail glitter from Daiso…on my face. Ok first a disclaimer- I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU SKIMP OUT AND APPLY NAIL GLITTER TO YOUR FACE. It’s usually made of cheap plastic and if it gets in your eyes it can scratch really badly and will not feel good, as well as potentially cause damage. I hate to admit, but I did just that. Yes I applied nail glitter to my face. But it would have looked equally as great on my nails, and at a sweet 1000 Won a set, I will definitely be buying more (for my nails just to clarify). I LOVE GLITTER, and wish I could wear it on my face every day, for real.


image image


4. Chamomile and Lavender Pillow Spray from Avon. I’ve been a terrible sleeper my entire life.When I was a child, my mum used to spray lavender onto my pillow to help me relax and doze off. When she bought me for some last Christmas, I was so pleased. A squirt of this on my pillow definitely helps me unwind and, in conjunction with the nostalgia, has a very calming effect.



5. Biotherm Life Plankton Mask. I received this as a gift from a student’s parent, and I’m in love. It’s such a great end to a night time routine. Its a relaxing process applying it; it seals in moisture from previous products; and my face feels incredible and rejuvenated in the morning. The gel texture is so light and comfortable that I can’t believe it can also be so hydrating and moisturising. The aim of the mask is to repair and soothe, and I definitely agree that it achieves both. Although the scent is a little overpowering, this is a firm favourite mask!

Here’s a little sample view of the texture…

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