Seoul Shopping Guide: Papa Recipe Flagship Store, Garosugil

So, shockingly, I just tried a Papa Recipe sheet mask for the first time. I know I know, they’re a cult mask and I should have tried one years ago. But they were so hyped, it kind of put me off…now, I’m officially obsessed. Best masks ever, and that made me really want to visit their fairly new Garosugil flagship to check out more.

Brand Background

As I said, Papa Recipe are famous world wide for their honey masks. It’s actually quite hard to find any other information in English about the brand itself. They seem to be into quite natural-based products.

Store Aesthetic

The store aesthetic is designed to be like a ship. Honestly, I don’t really get the relevance, but it was cool nonetheless. The outside of the store certainly stands out with the ship design. The inside was all wood and very pleasant.

My Picks & Bestsellers

The masks are definitely their famous product, and after I recently tried them, I can say they are absolutely fantastic. You can test mini versions in store which I thought was cool.

However testing the other products in store left me quite underwhelmed. There seemed to be huge inconsistencies in price and quality of the products. For example, the honey pudding cream felt gorgeous on my hand, smelled like the masks (honey!), and was 56,000KRW. Then I tried their honey cleansing oil, and it smelled like fishy plastic, and was on sale for 8000KRW. Their skin toner felt good, smelled good, and was only 16,000KRW if I remember rightly. It just seemed a bit all over the place.

Would love to hear your suggestions or favourite products!

Price Point

Like I said, the prices seemed all over. There were definitely cheaper items (the hand cream was only 3000KRW), and they had a great deal on their honey masks- 2 boxes for 10 for 30,000KRW. Then the cream, although it felt gorgeous, was 56,000KRW.


Address: 42 Dosandaero 11-gil, Gangnam-gu

Opening Times: (I think) 11am-10pm

Do you plan on visiting here?

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  1. I just tried their honey mask for the first time last night! I live in NYC and found it in a small shop in Soho. Definitely agree that the mask was awesome, the fabric on the mask was suuuuper soft. They need to get a flagship store out here in NYC…for now it’ll be on my list of places to visit…;)

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