Spring Makeup Picks/ Cherry Blossom Junkie Pics

In case you hadn’t noticed on my Instagram, I’m a pretty big fan of obsessed with spring in Korea. I run around Seoul, unable to stop taking photos of every kind of flower and blossom in sight, often getting bizarre looks from older Koreans as I’m all up on their doorsteps photographing the pretty flowers outside their homes (shoutout to @adoredee ). I bombard all my social media channels with said photos and I can’t stop. My cosmetic choices also change. I go from the black hearted queen of dark nails and deep red or purple lip colours, to pastels and flowers and butterflies and princesses and clouds.

So here are my spring makeup and skincare choices, chosen because they make me feel happy, work well with my skin tone/type, and the colours suit my mood during this time of year. And I’ve also tried to include all the cherry blossom feels from here in Korea, so you can share and revel in the beauty (and it gave me a valid reason to take more photos).

Some of the products here were received as PR samples. Those are marked with an asterisk, and if you have any queries please check out my disclaimer tab for my policies, or shoot me an email. (Shangpree product courtesy Shangpree; Thank You Farmer products courtesy Thank You Farmer; Berrisom product courtesy my friend Brenda at Berrisom; Clabiane product courtesy Clabiane; Etude House Liquid Lips courtesy Joah Box).

1. Shangpree Marine Energy Eye Masks*

Firsty, these smell divine. Like, really really gorgeous. I’m a big fan of Shangpree eye masks because they help with fine lines, and soothe my under-eye area which puffs up when I’m tired. In spring, I also get allergies, so these really help calm the sensitive area and get me ready for the day.

2. Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Cleansing Water*

I recently reviewed this, so that post really explains all the love I have for it. I’m gyming a lot these days, and don’t like to wash my face too many times, so this really helps. It also has a very calming scent, and with soothing ingredients will be nice on my skin as the weather heats up.

3. Clabiane Rose Tone Up Cream*

If you wanna smell like an actual bunch of roses, go ahead and buy this. This is one of the best floral scented products I’ve ever laid my nose on. Seriously fresh and floral. It also does a nice job of toning up and brightening my skin, which is particularly useful to apply before my yellow toned base products.

4. Thank You Farmer Shimmer Sun Essence*

This product has a dual function- sunscreen, and a shimmery base. Because I prefer SPF 50, I use an SPF 50 all over, then highlight my cheekbones, forehead, and nose with this. It gives a very subtle under-glow that’s pretty. It also smells insanely good (we’re on a theme of great scents it seems).

5. Berrisom Oops My Aurora Cream*

I love me some highlight. And this product works wonderfully to give a subtle highlight or shimmery base. I only use it sparingly to avoid looking greasy, but it gives my skin a very pretty finish both under and over base products. I believe it’s kinda a dupe of Chosungah 22 similar product.


6. 16 Brand Candy Rock Palette

I don’t feel like I need to say much about this…beautiful, shimmery, light and bright spring shades. You could argue that the shades should be more pigmented, but I quite like the subtlety, and I’ve also found the colours can be built up in layers, particularly the orangey tones. It’s dreamy, and I’m so pleased I bought it. 

7. Etude House Liquid Lips in P004*

I already owned one of these in purple, and IMO they’re one of Etude’s best lip products. They’re CRAZY pigmented, and have the colour and long lasting power of lipstick, but in moisturizing lip paint form. I have horribly dry lips, and these give me an amazing balance of moisture and bright colour, which can be tricky to come by. This shade is a beaut orangey red, perfect for a pop of spring colour.

8. Kailijumei Lipstick in Dream Purple

Here on my Instagram you can see the lipstick on me.

This was one of my best buys from my Japan trip beauty haul, and I’m still just as enamored with it 2 months down the line. The presentation and form of the lipstick is truly stunning, and with such a pretty colour, it’s a winner. However I would note that it’s not in the least bit moisturizing- you really have to use a lip balm with it.

9. Etude House Dear Darling Tint in PP501


Again on my Instagram, you can see the lipstick immediately after application.
And this is the lipstick after a few hours- more pink.

Again, an Etude lip product. I honestly think their lip products are the best items they produce, and they’re the only product I will always buy from there. This is from their Wonder Park line, and is an interesting colour change formula. It starts the purple shade, as seen in my Instagram photo above, and  then turns to a very bright pink, as seen in the photo immediately above. I love both, and again with a moisturizing formula like the Liquid Lips, its perfect for me.

10. Beauty People Absolute Tok Tok Tip Blush in #3 Shy Tok Tok

I randomly bought this on sale for about $5 in A Land. I love the thick applicator and colour- a dusty pink shade. It applies fairly sticky and can be a little hard to blend, but the finish is a very natural, semi-dewy flush that is so pretty.

And there ya have it- my top Spring pieces that I’m reaching for right now. Have you tried any of them? Aren’t they beautiful?

And now, more flower photos…HAPPY SPRING TIME!

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  1. Amazing photos and great picks 🙂 I want to try this Thank You Farmer Cleansing Water, the packaging is really nice and for me it looks like a product with good ingredients in it.

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