Travel Essential: I’m Sorry For My Skin 8 Step Travel Jelly Mask

Travelling is a bit of a ‘mare for skin, and I always used to break out after long journeys. I never realized how dehydrated skin becomes during flights, and over the past few years, I’ve really worked hard when I’m travelling to ensure my skin is taken care of. Enter this 8 Step Travel Jelly Mask that I’m Sorry For My Skin, recently sent me by the company. With my long-haul trip to the UK coming up when the product arrived (I went home for summer vacation), I knew it was the perfect time to test this cute little travel kit!

*This product was gifted to me by the company. This in no way affects my review, see my Disclaimer tab for more details on collaborations.

You may have heard of I’m Sorry For My Skin, no? They produce some FANTASTIC sheet masks that I’m completely obsessed with, which are meant to help your skin recover when you’ve, for example, had too much to drink or too much caffeine etc (which, of course, I never do…). The masks have so much jelly essence, which always leaves my skin totally hydrated, plump and moisturized. I had high expectations for this 8 step kit!


“All the essential items of travel! All that travel kit makes your dry skin fresh and moist in hot and humind (presumably a spelling mistake..!) areas. (8 Step) Soothing + Moisturizing + Skin stress relief”.

How to use (I think each step is fairly straight-forward without the explanation, but in case not here’s a very blurry photo of the directions):

Product Details

Full name: 8 Step Travel Jelly Mask

Amount of each product:

Step 1 Cleansing Oil: 2ml ; Step 2 Cleansing Foam: 2ml ; Step 3 Body Wash: 10ml ; Step 4 2 in 1 Shampoo: 10ml ; Step 5 Toner: 2ml ; Step 6 Jelly Mask: 23ml ; Step 7 Emulsion: 2ml ; Step 8 Cream: 2ml


I’m not gonna list all the ingredients, it’s gonna take up a minute of this post. Sorry, forgive me! But nothing weirded me out about the lists…if you’re really interested drop me an email!

Here’s the mask list at least…


So the pack folds in half, and is pretty slim and easy to pack away- ideal for travelling. On the other hand, I literally hate mini sachets like this. They’re difficult to rip open, and then if you don’t finish a whole packet you have to prop it up and try not to have it leak everywhere. It’s annoying, but it just is what it is with this product, because it wouldn’t be a travel pack if it was all separate bottled products. Obviously.

But I do love the actual design- the vacation vibes are fun and relevant, and like I said it’s easy to carry with no risk of leakage. I wouldn’t be carrying full size products, so the sachets and this packet make perfect sense.

In Use

So, as I said, I first tested this on a long haul flight. Yep, all up in those tiny airplane bathrooms, I was working my skincare regime. However this was kinda extreme testing, and with the body wash and shampoo included too, this 8 step kit is actually well (better?) suited to mini getaways when you can’t take a whole routine’s products. I’m gonna go through step by step, and just give you guys a mini rundown.

The first half of the packet is called ‘Shower Glow’ and presumably for in-shower use. I like that it’s labelled the two sides ‘Shower Glow’ and ‘Skincare Glow’, it’s a cute little touch.

So first here’s ‘Shower Glow’:

Step 1 Cleansing Oil

There is a lotttt of oil in this first step, which is definitely a good thing, although not ideal when I used it because I had to use it all in one on the plane (but I’m defo not complaining!). It was quite thin, but removed my base makeup nicely. The scent is far too floral for my liking, but as its being washed off, not really an issue.

Step 2 Cleansing Foam

Again the scent was overpoweringly floral. It’s a very foamy cleanser (probably high pH), and although it was a little tricky to rinse off, my skin didn’t feel as dry as I expected afterwards. Nice!

Step 3 Body Wash

Obviously I didn’t use this on the plane, but I did test it separately. The body wash lasted me two showers which is good if you’re away! It has a strong scent but I like it.

Step 4 2 in 1 Shampoo

By 2 in 1 I presume it means shampoo + conditioner, however as I have dry, curly hair, I only used this as a shampoo, although it does feel pretty moisturizing. Again it has a strong scent, but I like that for shampoo, and it lasted me two washes! Great for a weekend away.

And ‘Skincare Glow’:

Step 5 Toner

I loooved this toner. It’s a milky, viscous liquid texture, but not as messy or watery as I expected. There was a lot of product so I did three layers with a short wait time between each- my skin felt AMAZINGLY hydrated.

Step 6 Jelly Mask

Ugh I love their masks. Like, really. So much jelly essence, lovely thin material that’s easy to fit and adjust, and they last foreverrrr. Love love love. Here’s me taking a casual selfie on the plane in my mask…

As if I wasn’t attracting enough attention with my mask on, I went ahead and took selfies with it too! All for you guys and this review <3

And that post-mask glow was sooo good…

My skin has never looked this good mid-25 hour journey..!

Step 7 Emulsion

This is a really nice, light-weight, watery emulsion. A little goes a long way, and it spreads really smoothly and easily over skin. I like it a lot!

Step 8 Cream

This is much heavier weight than the emulsion, and more what I’d call a ‘night cream’. Again there is an abundance of it in the sachet, so I also used it on my neck. I liked it, but it’s definitely one I’d only use to sleep in, and in this instance, in-flight, when I needed allllll the moisture.

Final Thoughts

This is a super useful packet to have handy if you’re a regular traveler, like me. For weekends away or long-haul flights, it’s really perfect, and my skin has honestly never looked so good after flying. I detest decanting my stuff/trying to grab random samples so this makes it easy, and bonus is I actually like all of the products enough to make it work, with some that I love (toner, mask and emulsion). It made me excited to get stuck into my routine on the plane.

Definitely happy that I managed to keep my glow on during the flight.

What do you think? Would you find this useful?


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