Event Recap: Seoul Blogger Brunch

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have been invited to the first ever Seoul Blogger Brunch, hosted by my friend and blogger, Star, over at 87 Pages, and co-hosted by bloggers Mina and Dot.

The event was aimed at bringing together global influencers to network and learn about K-Beauty. To say it was a success would be an understatement…


The event was held at a lovely small restaurant and bar called Hearth, located in the Yeoksam area of Seoul (close to Gangnam). It wasn’t an area or restaurant I was small familiar with, but it was a nice choice. It had an intimate vibe, and I’d really like to return in the evening sometime.

They provided us with some great wine, and a fabulous array of salads.

Photo courtesy of Soo Choi
Photo courtesy of Soo Choi

The timing of the event worked well. We had a meet and greet hour on arrival. There were some familiar faces for me, as well as many new!

Photo courtesy of Soo Choi
Photo courtesy of Soo Choi

The arrival hour then led into presentations from the following sponsors:

Bemused Korea

Bemused Korea is ‘a K-Beauty online platform bringing you the best of innovative Korean skincare products straight from Seoul’. I already knew Lisa from Instagram @beautybemused , so it was a pleasant surprise to see she was launching her own business, and great to hear more about it. She gave a truly enthusiastic presentation and her website has just launched as of today (August 30th), so go check it out!  Lisa was kind enough to gift us with these gorgeous bags of goodies from her store:


Seoul Cosmetic Surgery with Wish Formula, Grace Clinic and Banobagi

Now, as many of you know, while I’m not opposed to surgery, it’s just not for me right now. However, it does play a huge role in the beauty scene here, so I’m always keen to find out about it and learn more. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery are a medical tourism agency, connecting clients to clinics and companies.

We learned about Grace Clinic and Banobagi Clinic, and Wish Formula also accompanied them (a current favourite brand of mine!). I actually won a prize with Banobagi (I’ve opted for something non-invasive!), based on my following, so thank you guys for following and supporting me! I’m excited to receive the treatment and report back to you.

Banobagi Clinic winners, with some of the Bano masks we were also gifted! Photo courtesy of Soo Choi
The gifts from Wish Formula. Photo courtesy of Soo Choi


I’ve actually already written about Eunogo (here and here), as I’ve collaborated with them in the past and have been thoroughly impressed with their services. They too are a medical concierge company, and they brought a few cute games for us to play and win prizes! Amazingly, I won again! I never win things like this, so I was super excited. Again, once I receive the treatment, I’ll be back at you guys with a review. It was nice to meet them in person and hear their presentation.


I’ve been talking quite frequently about this fairly new brand, Tiam. Basically, I’m a fan. I recently reviewed their Vitamin C Serum, and I’m also incorporating their other products into my routine, such as the gorgeous bubble masks. It was good to see Luna from the company again, and I was happy to see the other ladies learning about a brand that I really think deserve to be known about! They also gifted us with these goodies:

Gifts from Tiam. Photo courtesy of Soo Choi


Troiareuke was a company I was verrrry curious about, having never really known much about their products or treatments at their spa. They offer holistic solutions to skin problems, and brought an array of products for us to test, plus a wonderful goodie bag.

Photo courtesy of Soo Choi

It really took me aback when the Troiareuke presenter toasted us with a shot of their product in a small vial at the end of her speech- apparently the formulas are so safe that drinking it is no problem. Now I certainly don’t suggest ingesting skincare, but I was two glasses of wine deep at the point, and caught up in the moment, and I admit I took a TINY sip. I’m not dead so apparently it isn’t terrible if you accidentally take in a little…but like I said, defo not a wise choice!

After the presentations we carried on networking, chatting, and of course taking a bazillion photos! The photographers grabbed some wonderful shots (check out Soo Choi) .

Some of the beautiful influencers! Photo courtesy of Soo Choi
Our sponsors! Photo courtesy of Soo Choi

When it was time to leave, you WOULD NOT BELIEVE the amount of swag we were given by the contributing companies and sponsors. I could barely walk- seeing all of us hobble down the street must have been quite a humorous sight. As well as the companies who presented (the sponsors), we also had a bunch of other highly generous contributors (hyperlinked on their names if you want more information). I feel so grateful for all the wonderful new products I have to try! Check them out below and let me know what you’re interested in knowing more about/seeing me review.

Hygee (English info at Beautibi)


Style Korean

Wish Trend/ Klairs Global


Overall, this event was a huge success, and I hope it has paved the way to more like it in the future. It’s great to see companies recognizing the value of bloggers and influencers, and to see a powerful group of women come together to learn more about each other and K-Beauty. Star recently used the hashtag #communityovercompetition regarding a group photo from the brunch, and I think it truly sums up the fabulous atmosphere. Yes ladies! Big thank you to our hosts, photographers, sponsors, and contributors. 



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  1. You girls looked like you really had a great time! And all thosr goodies. It must have felt like christmas! I hope one day I get to participate in a k-bloggers meeting too ?

    1. Yeah it was fabulous! Sooo many goodies, I’m slowly working through and trying to review. Yes hopefully you can! You should see if there’s any other k-beauty enthusiasts live near you 🙂 x

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