Review: Jung Saem Mool Artist Contour Palette

I’ve mentioned JSM Beauty pretty frequently on my Instagram and stories (most recently because of their exciting flagship store opening). They’re the beauty brand of world-renowned Korean makeup artist Jung Saem Mool, and they kindly sent me a selection of their best sellers which I was so excited about it (see my Disclaimer tab for my policies). As I wrote in my review of the Essential Star-cealer Foundation, I hugely admire Jung Saem Mool, and so my expectations have been high for all of her products. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Artist Contour Palette…let’s go!

Product Details and Description

“This is not a simple contour palette. Five shades are included for various uses from contouring to sculpting brows to drawing hairlines. Depending on the use, the powder compression level for each color is different. Define your best features with this handy palette.”

Amount of product:

Dark Brown and Dark: 1.9g

Soft Beige, Highlight, and Light Brown: 3.5g

Use Time After Opening: 24 months


I currently don’t have, and cannot find, the English ingredients lists. I’m working on it and will update when I have more information.

How to Use

Jung Saem Mool Beauty site explains:

I personally use the product in the same way as described, contouring for ’round face’.


As with the Star-cealer Foundation, the product comes in a sleek rectangular black compact, with the subtly stylish Jung Saem Mool logo on the front.

This compact is slim, and has a black glossy rectangle design on the front, resembling the shapes of the powder pans inside.

The powder pans are different sizes, which makes sense in relation to what they’re used for- the larger powders for facial contouring and highlighting, and the smaller powders for brow and hairline filling.

I don’t personally carry the compact around, but it’s light and easy enough to if you wished.


The five shades from left to right: Dark Brown, Soft Beige, Highlight, Light Brown, and Dark.

The undertones of all the shades are neutral to warm, with Light Brown being the most warm (they look warmer in the photo than irl). Personally I mix Soft Beige with Light Brown for contouring, use highlight for, well, highlighting, and use mostly Dark Brown on my eyebrows. I mix Light Brown with Dark for my hairline if I’m doing hairline shading, which is only really if I have my hair up.

In terms of pigmentation, with the Dark and Dark Brown I need very little on the brush to shade in my brows.

The Soft Beige isn’t too pigmented, but the depth can be built quite easily. Similarly the Light Brown can be built. Personally, I find the level of pigmentation gives a very subtle contour, which is perfect for my pale skin and the style of natural contouring I go for. I think many Western make up users may be used to more intense pigmentation for contouring products. However, as I said you can definitely build the color, or mix in the darker browns for bolder lines. Here are the swatches so you can see the way the shades build up.

R-L: Soft Beige then Soft Beige with layered swatching, followed by one swatch of Light Brown, then Light Brown built up.


The texture of all of the powders is very silky when applied on the skin, which the product information suggests is down to the ‘mineral ingredients’. They blend quite easily and give a smooth finish. 

The darker brow shades are matte. The three contouring shades are classed as ‘shimmer’. Said ‘shimmer’ on Soft Beige and Light Brown is so subtle I didn’t even realize they were shimmery! I’d say they reflect light and give a glowy look. I really see the shimmer in the Highlight shade, which is a gorgeous pearly pink. I love that they’re shimmery and not just glittery, as many Korean products tend to be. The shimmer is very fine, which I prefer.

Lasting Power

I find that the lasting power of the contouring shades depends on the base I use. The powders hold best over my foundation or BB creams, rather than cushions. If the base has good adherence, the powders seem to hold well.

The brow powders have fantastic staying power. They last all day and evening without smudging.


For me, with the style of makeup I prefer, this has become my absolute go to. The thing I love most is that it’s multi-functional- I can use it for face, brows and hairline, all in one compact.

Price and Availability

I’m so happy to say that this is now available IN STORE! I was so fortunate to get an invite to the official launch party of the Jung Saem Mool store on Garosugil, Gangnam in Seoul. The space is stunning and you should totally visit if you get a chance! This palette comes in at 35,000 won, and is also available online.

Meeting Jung Saem Mool was definitely a highlight.

Store address: 534-5 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

What do you think of this product? Is it too subtle for you, or right up your street?!


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    1. Ah thank you! Yes I’m a huge fan too. Have a great day, and thanks again for such a lovely comment xxx

  1. What to do when I live i the EU and really want this and your fave lip lacquer in Carmen Red..? But don’t want to pay huge customs duty bill..?
    I really adore your simple steps with huge effect.

    Do you know, if Jung Saem Mool make up will come to Europe – soon? 🙂

    Warm regards from Denmark

    1. Ah thats a shame about the duty free and difficulty of ordering…I don’t know at all about Jung Saem Mool coming to Europe. I know most companies are focussed on the US market if they try to expand abroad, as the EU laws are very strict, or they just sell domestically. But I really don’t know about her company- wish I could give you more information! Sorry! Thanks so much for reading x

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