Review: A. by Bom Ultra Cool Leaf Mask

You may have heard of A by Bom. They have a super fancy salon in Gangnam- a celebrity go to for hair and nails. You’re maybe less likely (until recently, when they’ve been blowing up on Instagram, more so than when I started writing this post) to have heard of their cosmetics range, which was officially launched last year. It was great to hear from the company asking if I wanted to try their products, and I didn’t resist! (PR samples- see my disclaimer for my policies). Today I’m gonna be discussing one of their sheet masks, because I think it’s actually the bomb (sorry not sorry).

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Spring Makeup Picks/ Cherry Blossom Junkie Pics

In case you hadn’t noticed on my Instagram, I’m a pretty big fan of obsessed with spring in Korea. I run around Seoul, unable to stop taking photos of every kind of flower and blossom in sight, often getting bizarre looks from older Koreans as I’m all up on their doorsteps photographing the pretty flowers outside their homes (shoutout to @adoredee ). I bombard all my social media channels with said photos and I can’t stop. My cosmetic choices also change. I go from the black hearted queen of dark nails and deep red or purple lip colours, to pastels and flowers and butterflies and princesses and clouds.

So here are my spring makeup and skincare choices, chosen because they make me feel happy, work well with my skin tone/type, and the colours suit my mood during this time of year. And I’ve also tried to include all the cherry blossom feels from here in Korea, so you can share and revel in the beauty (and it gave me a valid reason to take more photos).

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Review: One O Seven Core Flex Cream

As many of you may know, I’ve developed a fantastic working relationship with the brand One O Seven. I’ve been working closely with them since early February, and love everythaaaaang- the family values, the people behind the brand, the process of making, the ingredients, and the products themselves.

Today I’m going to be looking at what has become my favorite product from One O Seven- the Core Flex Cream. (This product was gifted to me by the company, see my disclaimer for policies).

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Review: Cremorlab O2 Bubble Energizing Mask

I’d had my eye on Cremorlab products for a while. They look simplistic and beautiful (so sue me, I’m attracted to good packaging). But would their products live up to my expectations? Ulzzang, a new, high quality online K-Beauty shop selling only EU approved products throughout the UK and Europe, offered to send me the Cremorlab O2 Energy Mask for review, and I jumped at the chance. Let’s see how it worked out.

(This product was received as a PR sample. See my disclaimer tab for my policies)

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Review: Jung Saem Mool Essential Star-cealer Foundation

Jung Saem Mool is a Korean makeup artist legend. Period. So when I saw she had her own cosmetics company? My expectations were HIGH. Along with many of her products (ahem, all), I was desperate to try out the Essential Star-cealer Foundation (Allure Editor’s Pick), particularly after reading: Jung Saem Mool’s “special blending know how is contained in this radiant-lasting foundation”. 

GIMME ALL THE RADIANCE, was my first thought.

When the foundation arrived in the post, I ripped straight into it, ready to get on Jung Saem Mool’s radiance train. She has, after all, been leading the way of the glowing, transparent skin crew in Korea for over two decades. After a month of continual use, I’m ready to review her Essential Star-cealer Foundation.

(This product was provided courtesy JSM Beauty. See my disclaimer for my policies).

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Exclusive Interview with Korean Skincare Expert: Joo-Eun Kim of Shangpree Spa

Shangpree Spa is a world renowned spa in Seoul, frequented by celebrities and offering the latest and most innovative skincare treatments to achieve that chok chok glow that Korea is infamous for. If you read my review of their facial, you’ll know the kinda heavenly glow I’m talking about. I’ve never looked as radiant as the night I left Shangpree Cheongdam.

But I digress…a few weeks ago I was back at Shangpree, this time to get the professional scoop on Korean skincare from Ms Joo-Eun Kim, Shangpree Spa director and industry expert, and share her tips and news with you beautiful readers! 

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Japan Trip: Beauty Haul!

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you couldn’t miss that for my winter vacation this year, I jetted across the sea to the Land of the Rising Sun. Not only this, but I was lucky enough to have my mum fly over from England and meet me for a one week adventure in Kyoto and Osaka. 

Of course while I was there, I did some beauty shopping! The beauty scene in Japan is unique and pretty nuts compared to anywhere else I’ve shopped. I tried to refrain from going as crazy as I did on my last trip, and only purchased products I felt weren’t easily available (or are way more pricey) in Korea. So gonna share my haul, and I’ve also included some travel photos and information at the end of the post, for those of you who are interested!

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