Moonshot Microfit (G-Dragon) Cushion Review

Anyone who follows me on IG will probably know I’ve been a Moonshot fan since they first launched a few years ago. They’ve steadily grown in visibility, and I still purchase and enjoy a lot of their products (their jelly pot eyeshadows are my favourite). When they recently had their first ever sale, with a shocking 50% off all products, I did a nice haul (featured in my IG story highlights if you’re interested @skinfullofseoul), and grabbed their Microfit Cushion as recommended by my friend @doniatheconsumer on IG. Let’s see how it’s worked out!

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Dual Lifting Facial at Spa de Heritz with Eunogo

If you’ve been with me for a while, you probably know who Eunogo are- a concierge service catering to foreigners seeking beauty/surgical treatments in Korea. I’ve had previous sponsored experiences with Eunogo including Whoo Spa, and Hydrogen Toning. Earlier this week I visited Spa de Heritz with them for some facial lifting! Let’s see how I got on, y’all know by now I’m always down for a facial.

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Best Korean Skincare Products of 2017

I’m finally back, with the best of 2017! I’m sorry I’m a little late with this, but I still wanted to share. 

I forced myself to cut the list down to only 10 products and it was so difficult. Like, the kinda difficult where it’s taken me over a week to be happy with my choices. I’ve tried so many fantastic products this past year, and this is definitely not an exhaustive list, but these are the choices that have been total game changers for me. If you caught last years favourites, you’ll know that in these end-of-year posts I only include products that I tested for the first time in the last 12 months. 

Let’s get stuck right in!

Some of these products were sent for review/as gifts/as PR. They are only included here because they were outstanding, and I will individually disclose everything in the text.

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The Best Korean Skincare Products I’ve Found for Winter 2017

I’d never experienced dry skin before coming to Korea, no joke. Hideously dehydrated, dull, pimply skin? Yes. But dry, cracked, and even peeling? No. That was a nice little surprise during my first winter here in 2014, when my face felt like it was falling off and my nose was so crusty with all dryyyyyy. I had to go into action pretty quick to transform my skincare routine and learn how to deal with it. Every winter since then I’ve been fully prepared, and this year I’ve been testing some of the best products I’ve tried yet, that are perfect for my normal/combination skin in the sub zero temperatures. I’m here to share both my approach to my skincare in winter, and the products I swear by.

Most of the products discussed here were provided as PR samples, or gifts. I will individually disclose each product. I am in no way obliged to include any of these products in this list- they’re here because I genuinely love them out of the huge variety of PR samples/gifts I receive and products I buy.

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Hanyul Pure Artemisia Cleansing Oil vs Aritaum Poyan Cleansing Oil

Double cleansing is a really important step in an evening time Korean skincare routine. Why? Your first step, the oil based cleanser, breaks down your sunscreen and makeup, and the second water-based step washes away residue and grime, leaving you with your blank canvas for the rest of your routine. I don’t think any other method effectively cleanses my face.

Having said that, finding cleansers you love/can afford, can be a little more tricky. Today I’m going to be putting two oil cleansers (first step cleansers) from EOpenMarket to the test: the high end, fancy-nancy Hanyul Artemisia Cleansing Oil, versus the budget Aritaum Poyan Cleansing Oil. Let’s see how they compare!

Both products were provided courtesy EOpenMarket in line with my policies. The links in this post are not affiliate.

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