Korean Skincare Products: New Favourites!

Okay guys I’ve been trying a lot of new skincare products over the past three months or so, and there’s been some absolute gems that I wanted to share with you. If you’d like to see a full review of any products below, let me know in the comments! These are all tried and tested, but I’ve started testing a whole new wave of products too, so I’m sure there’ll be part II to this coming soon.

A Note on “Gifted” and “Courtesy of” products

I’m now using these two terms to describe products I’ve been given by brands and shops.

Often companies reach out and specifically ask me to review their products. If there are products I’m interested in, they must agree to my review policies, and I produce an honest (there is no promise of positive) review in line with my testing schedule (I have frequently turned down products because I know I’m unable to fit them into my testing schedule). This is a “courtesy of” product- there are agreements in place for a transparent review either on my IG or blog. 

However often companies will gift me products. This is as it sounds. “Gifted” means the products are given to me with no strings attached, and they’re only mentioned anywhere on my platforms because I’ve decided to include them. Sometimes I agree to review certain products with companies, but then they drop in a load of others to the parcel. I don’t feel any obligation to talk about/test/review these unless I so wish.

Gifted/Courtesy products are disclosed individually in this text. I’ve linked some sites to purchase/find out more about the products, but these are not affiliate, just for your convenience. Let’s get started!

Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule- gifted at Seoul Blogger Brunch by Cosrx

What is it? This is an ampoule, to be used after thinner essences, at the ampoule/serum stage of your routine. It has a thick liquid texture, and contains 80% propolis. It aims to repair and moisturize, leaving you with a bouncy glow. It’s budget friendly at around the $20 mark (only downside is I’m getting through it quite fast).

Why I like it: It does exactly as I just described. I use it at night to add an extra punch of moisture, and it feels wonderfully soothing and calming on application. When I wake up I can really tell the difference in the extra glow in my skin. It’s not so much a morning product for me, because it does have a tacky finish until it’s dried down.


Shangpree S-Energy All Day Moist Emulsion- gifted by Shangpree

What is it? This is a light, daily cream. It’s a high end product, around the $100 mark I think, however it is a really large size product, and a small amount goes a long way. I’m not sure if this is available outside of Korea, unfortunately.

Why I like it: I’ve tried a lot of light creams for my normal/combination skin, but this is by far the nicest and best suited. It’s light, spreads easily and absorbs quickly, but it also really nourishes and moisturizes my skin with zero residue. It’s perfect for my morning routine, and also smells divinely herbal.


107 Core Flex Essential Liquid- gifted by 107, available at Beautibi

What is it? This is a high-quality, liquid spray mist, to be used after toner for hydration and anti-aging. It includes 5 years aged vinegar to help with cell regeneration. It’s a mid-high end product, at about $60. 

Why I like it: It’s a gorgeous heavier liquid mist, that gives my skin a refreshing, early pop of moisture, but also absorbs instantly. It’s a very convenient, easy to use product, with a super luxurious feel. The packaging is also beautiful.


Amalie Beauty Calm Face Oil- gifted by Amalie

What is it? This is an organic calming, anti-inflammatory facial oil (not a Korean brand). It’s another mid-high end product, at $60 a bottle, but it seems like it’s going to last forever. 

Why I like it: I absolutely adore the calming scent, and the luxurious texture of this oil. I’m still just beginning to experiment with facial oils, but this has fast become my go to. It leaves my skin super supple and glowy. It’s also organic and I like supporting smaller, independent brands too.


Troiareuke Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing- gifted by Troiareuke at Seoul Blogger Brunch

What is it? A super gentle, low pH, second step, non foaming cleanser. It’s aimed at those with acne prone or sensitive skin. It is a high-end cleanser, retailing at $38.

Why I like it: This is a very simple product. It’s not flashy and it doesn’t foam up, but it cleanses very efficiently and I feel like it’s a healthy option for skin. I feel absolutely no squeakiness or dryness after use. The texture is gorgeous- it’s a watery gel and it feels very soothing on my skin. I think it would be a particularly great option for those with dry and/or sensitive skin.


Earth’s Recipe Waterful Gel SPF 50+ PA+++ gifted by Bemused Korea at Seoul Blogger Brunch

What is it? A lightweight, chemical sunscreen. It moisturizes and provides full protection against UVA and UVB rays. It’s quite expensive for a sunscreen, at $25. 

Why I like it: Although it’s lightweight and absorbs relatively quickly, it also gives me some moisture, which as we move into winter I’m grateful for. I adore the scent too- it’s kinda like watermelon! This isn’t my number one sunscreen (all hail Biore), but has definitely been pushed up there among my favourites.


Have you tried any of these Korean skincare stars? What are your current favourites? Watch out for my upcoming post about my new winter essentials too, that’s also going to include some new-found loves.

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  1. Wow I won’t be able to afford them but they’re high-end products so, of course. I’m wondering whether you have ever heard of a;t fox brand? There’s not much review of it online.

    1. I’m going to be doing some budget beauty guides soon! It just so happens that most of my new favourites have been mid-high end. Unfortunately I haven’t actually heard of that brand either, sorry! x

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