Korean Skincare Products: New Favourites!

Okay guys I’ve been trying a lot of new skincare products over the past three months or so, and there’s been some absolute gems that I wanted to share with you. If you’d like to see a full review of any products below, let me know in the comments! These are all tried and tested, but I’ve started testing a whole new wave of products too, so I’m sure there’ll be part II to this coming soon.

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Neogen Green Tea Gauze Peeling Pads Review…Hmmm.


Here’s my update.

I’ve been hesitant to post this review because in all honesty, I’m not sure if I’m missing a few things with regards to this product. It wasn’t what I expected! Read on for my experience.

This product was provided courtesy Neogen. All reviews are honest, as always.

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Kintex K-Beauty Expo Recap, 2017

Ok guys, honestly this is going to be quite a brief recap. I was in a bit of a rush the day I managed to attend the expo, and was too excited running around to take all the photos I should have. I also managed to miss a bunch of stands I’d wanted to see…but anyway, here’s what I saw and experienced. We also have the Intercharm Expo in November which I’ll hopefully be able to spend more time at, and see the brands I didn’t see at Kintex.

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All in One Therapy with Banobagi Clinic & Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

I’m back with another treatment review! This was a biggie for me- it included my first ever facial laser treatments at one of the most famous clinics in Seoul- Banobagi. Korean beauty in Seoul is all about facials, treatments and innovative solutions, and Banobagi Clinic are at the forefront of that, with the most up-to-date technology and expert medical staff. So how did I like my experience?

I received this treatment as a prize from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery medical concierge group, at Seoul Blogger Brunch. All opinions are honest, as aaaalways.

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Products I’m No Longer Using & Why

I’m going to be totally honest, from all the products I try these days, I rarely come across products I absolutely hate. It’s only happened a handful of times. I’m fairly picky about what I try- I check ingredients lists and I know what works for my skin. If companies send me products without consulting me, and I don’t think said products are suitable for my skin type or aims/sound boring, I might not even get around to testing them. I also have super NON-sensitive skin, so products don’t tend to break me out or irritate my skin, even if they don’t do much for me. 

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Another Cleansing Stick! Neogen Green Tea Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Review

My obsession with cleansing sticks started waaaay back when, in 2014 when I arrived in Seoul, thanks to Sheryl from The Wanderlust Project and her love for the Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. She got me firmly hooked on that, and I also jumped on Belif’s Chamomile Stick when that was released. I loved both, and compared them here. So when Neogen got in touch? Cleansing stick pretty please! I was pumped to try it, so let’s see how it worked out for me after three weeks continual use. I’m gonna kinda compare it to the other two cleansing sticks along the way.

This product was provided courtesy Neogen, but as per this doesn’t affect my review in any way.

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Green Face Powder? Laneige Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact Review

Laneige are one of those cult Korean skincare beauty brands, and seeing Laneige products makes me feel nostalgic. It was one of the first brands I tried back in 2014 when I arrived in Korea, and I really liked their sleeping pack at the time. I haven’t tried anything from them for a looooong while, although their BB cushion has been on my ‘to-try’ list for years. Q-Depot, a Korean cosmetics online shop, recently asked if I wanted to test the Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact, and with my combination skin a little more oily right now, I was definitely happy to oblige! So let’s see how it worked out for me.

This was provided courtesy Q-Depot, in return for honest review.

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Hydrogen Toning Facial in Seoul with Eunogo (+ discount code!)

Fact: I love trying new facial treatments. And I’ve been fortunate enough to form a collaborative relationship with medical concierge group Eunogo, who have given me a number of opportunities to experience the unique beauty treatments they have on offer here in Seoul (see here and here for my other experiences with Eunogo). I actually won the treatment I’m going to be reviewing today, at the Seoul Blogger Brunch, but as per, this does not affect my review. Read on for details of my hydrogen toning experience!

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