Seoul Shopping Guide: Dr Jart Store, Garosugil

Believe it or not, I’ve only ever tried the creepily packaged “Moist Lover” face mask from Dr Jart (it was fine but nothing amazing). However I have visited their awesome store on Garosugil, and think you should too if you’re visiting Seoul. It’s pretty cool.

Brand Background

Dr Jart is a very well established, mid-high range brand both in Korea and internationally. It’s probably one of the most famous international K-Beauty brands, offering predominantly skincare but also makeup.

Store Aesthetic

The store aesthetic is like an industrial, factory space. It’s ultra-modern and cool, although I did think there was a lot more space than was necessary for what was there. It fits in with the area its located- fashionable, top of the trends, Garosugil.

The first floor is where you get your “prescription”. You input your information on iPad stands, and they print you out product suggestions to suit your needs. It’s kinda gimmicky but fun nonetheless. An interactive space is always something I enjoy!

EDIT- I recently revisited and they are currently having a mist and tea theme until the end of February, which was super cool. I’ve realized this store is actually an art space, where the displays and exhibitions change every few months. In the current mist/tea display, when you get your prescription, it told you which mist box to go to, and also gave you a free sample of tea, appropriate for your concerns. I really really enjoyed this current exhibition, and my mum and sister did too!


You then move up to the second floor where all Dr Jart products are on display and ready to purchase. You receive useful tester cards, and can try everything. Because I had my “prescription” I also received some samples, even without purchase.

The third floor was kind of redundant at my time of visiting. They seemed to be setting up some kind of spa area, but there were no staff around and only really a display of products. I think if they utilized the space it could be awesome. There was also a small seating area which would be pleasant to chill in on warmer days.

My Picks & Bestsellers

As I said, aside from their Moist Lover mask (which FYI I thought was okay but not worth the hefty price tag), I haven’t tried any Dr Jart products. However I’m SO keen to try their Ceramidin line. I tried the oil balm and serum in store and they felt gorgeous. Definitely on my to buy list! 

EDIT- so now, after originally writing this, I have bought the serum, and although I haven’t had long enough to test and form firm conclusions, I’m suitably obsessed..! It feels incredible on skin, and watch out for reviews on my channels.

Virtually all of their products have 4-5 stars on Sephora.

I’ve heard lots of people rave about the Tiger Grass cream too!

Price Point

I think the prices are the main reason I haven’t really explored the brand much. The Ceramidin products I want are all 35-45,000 Korean Won and on Sephora, the products all range from $30-55. It’s not cheap, but if skincare is good quality, I am willing to invest, so it really just depends on your budget.


Address: 535 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

Enjoy your visit!

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  1. so i want to know exactly about anything there for this shopping and for this job and about korea language mandatory or not because i can read korea language and i understand just little bit words about arabic and franch and enghlish i understand. so i want to know. thank you very much

    1. Hi! I’m a little confused about what you’d like to know? I’m an English teacher here, and so I only need a little Korean to get by every day.

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